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EBF864 Learn More +

Old world design and craftsmanship meet with the consistency of modern manufacturing. This full size F tuba combines the sound of a Germanic rotary F tuba with a fluid low register and great intonation throughout its range. This tuba works well for the soloist, soars over an orchestra, or blends well with a quintet. 

  • Key of F, 4/4 size
  • .667" - .820" bore
  • 16.5" yellow or gold brass, upright bell
  • 5 right hand rotary valves
  • Clear lacquer or unlacquered finish 
  • Deluxe case w/wheels 
    • Available as EBF864S
      • Silver-plated
    • Available as EBF864RB
      • Unlacquered, raw brass
    • Available as EBF864G
      • Gold brass bell
    • Available as EBF864GRB
      • Gold brass bell, unlacquered, raw brass 
    • Available as EBF864GS
      • Gold brass bell, silver-plated
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